Welcome to Reset Parenting

Hi and welcome to Reset Parenting!

This blog is going to follow the lives of the family, my family, that set up Reset Parenting and devised the model that we followed to reset our lives following the break up of our family in 2009.

Like many families before us, we never thought we would be in this position.  Life had muddled on for 17 reasonably happy years in a fairly stereotypical family set-up with the Dad earning the crust and Mum staying at home to look after the four children (now known as the Fantastic 4).  In April 2008, though, my world came crashing down as this Dad came home from a business trip in China and announced he had had an affair.

Over the next 12 months the plan was to try and re-build the marriage but in January 2009, he asked me to divorce him and from there matters went from bad to worse.  Aside the affair, it materialized that a huge debt had built up and heading into a recession it appeared there was little hope for the fat bonuses of the past to pay this off!  Added into that the lack of trust that now prevailed, the stresses and strains started to take their toil and as the separation took a grip, my health took a nose dive.

By May that year, I had probably spent more time in hospital than I had spent out of it, the children were living between my parents 120 miles from their school at weekends and holiday accommodation during the week as no-one wanted to live with their Dad in the old family home due to other circumstances and I ended up with a pacemaker implant and a diagnosis of autonomic failure which pretty much put an end to any work plans or ability to stand on my own two feet, full stop.

The children and I eventually moved into a rented house in a local town and started to adjust to life without the man we had all loved.  It was hard!  It was lonely!  It was desperate!  But out of the ashes, somehow the phoenix rose and from there on in, without a penny in the bank and nothing else, we started to build our team, which we called Team DJ, and intrinsically we attempted to try and understand what had happened in order to gain some perception as to the why, the how and the what, giving rhyme and reason to the devastation but also a platform on which to launch a new life from.

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