Friday Feast!

Well another week has flown past and back at the homestead on a Friday we often come together for what has become known as “Lockdown” to get some concrete family time – the   front door is shut and locked, the phones are put on silent and it’s feet up and time to chill once that clock hits 7 pm!  Even as the children have got older, unless one of us have something they really want to do with friends such as a birthday party or the such like, this has almost become sacred Team DJ time and of course, the Friday Feast is central to the fiesta!

Quite simply it’s a time to relax and enjoy being us – being a family again.  There may only be five of us now (Me (Mum) and the Fantastic 4) but there’s nothing like sharing a meal, watching a good film and having a good laugh over a board game or two!

Food is central to many family celebrations and good healthy food is certainly a pre-requisite in this household.  With four teenagers on board, the budget is always stretched too especially with the quantities that they demolish but home cooking has always been top of my agenda – it’s cheap and wholesome and you know what they are getting.  Tonight it’s a sausage casserole with a twist – easy to prepare and completely delicious.  This is the recipe for 4 people:

250 g sausages
125 g squash chopped into cubes
125 g sweet potato chopped into cubes
2 red onions chopped into chunks
3 peppers chopped into chunks
125 g small whole mushrooms (or larger ones cut up)
Fresh Lemon Thyme
2 tbs olive oil

Quite simply chop up the ingredients (bar the sausages), throw everything into a roasting tin, toss in oil and sprinkle over with chopped lemon thyme.  Roast in oven at 180 c for 25 to 30 minutes.

Serve with chunks of bread.

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