Saturday Snapshots!

It was an early start here this morning.  For all those parents out there, do you ever wonder where those morning lie-in’s went bc (before children)!  Today has been a very activity centred day for us, starting with two hours of tennis training with my 14 year old earlier and then plans for a gym session later interspersed with a walk in some nearby woods with the dog somewhere along the way.

Thousands of parents, country wide have probably bought into a similar routine today as well, but as I started to write this blog entry this morning in the tennis club car park another Dad pulled up complete with toddler in whites ready for her lesson and I was left wondering what it is that drives us to our sport addiction as a nation which spills over so naturally into our children – is it an innate evolutionary persuasion or the competitive nature of the sporting arena, the implicit team play or the social attraction?

Whatever conclusion you are drawn to though, and there are probably hundreds of reasons, each individual will have their own particular driving force which will either persuade them to participate or not and to encourage their children to do so to a greater or lesser extent.  However, the fact is that with a huge industry out there clearly the buy-in population is fairly convinced.  But aside that industry have we maybe forgotten the hidden gems that still exist to keep children fit and healthy that don’t include signing up to a club, buying expensive kit and yet, still are just as fun and worthwhile?

This afternoon, two of the Fantastic 4 and myself took one very bouncy dog, Hubble, to some nearby woods.  Even now as teenagers, the woods are a great place for an hours exercise and entertainment.  Complete with ball, stick, dog and camera, we could easily have amused ourselves for ours as given the time there are cycle routes, running tracks, bivouacs that can be built out of odd sticks and debris that are lying around and of course glades that provide open spaces for a good game of rounders or in the summer space to flop, picnic and generally chill with a good book while the more lively members of family go off for a game of hide and seek!

And so, a great afternoon has been had – entertaining combined with a dose of healthy exercise at the same time!  Well …. exercise at any rate!  The large piece of delicious coffee and walnut cake washed down with a cup of tea from The Cake House in Ancaster, Lincolnshire (, afterwards maybe well have put stay to the word healthy; that is unless you class homemade cake healthy, but the dreaded trip to the gym can put that to rights later!

Free Exercise

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