The Sunday R>E>S>E>T Button

After the rush of yesterday, Sunday will be a day of resting; a few chores perhaps, maybe a spot of shopping for the week ahead and a little bit of catch up with some homework across the board.  Other than that, particularly with England v Wales Six Nations Match this afternoon, there’ll be not much going on in our house for the most part of today!

It’s always great to see everyone relax and spend a day in the slower lane of life!  It’s a time to reflect and a time to absorb the realities of the past week; to sit back and take everything on board and a chance to stoke the engines, to plan and prepare and generally set the course for the week ahead!  In some senses, I guess you could say, our Sundays are just like pressing the mini R>E>S>E>T button for the week.

Even though I have teenagers in the house, taking the time out to listen to them is always a priority and today it’s a great opportunity for the children to have chance to chat over anything they need to from the week before, to stabilize out any of those niggles that are still frustrating them, getting the support they need to draw a line in the sand before moving forward into another week.  That way they don’t hold on to the negativities that can hold them back but deal with everything in a timely manner, bolster themselves up and take off, focussed and motivated and determined once again to zoom ahead with their aspirations in mind.

But that said, today is the slow lane day for us before we move up into the faster lanes of life’s motorway tomorrow and for the rest of the week.  Incidentally, that reminds me of a little note I have stuck on our post-it wall of fame (a ridiculous wall in the house covered in post-its of all shapes and sizes to inspire and thrill).  The one in question says:

Life is like a motorway.
The slow lane is sure and steady and gets you where you want to go.
The middle lane serves a purpose to sometimes take risks and stick your neck out but beware as it can annoy those that travel with you if you stay in it constantly,
and the fast lane is an occasional treat; stay in this one all the time and you’ll either end up a cropper or you might use up all your fuel too quickly so that you won’t go as far!

Just goes to show, that these slow days are beneficial after all.  Have a great day!

Team DJ


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