A Short Statement About Blame! The UK Government and Schools vs Parents????

In the last 18 years I have come across teachers that have physically assaulted children in primary schools tearing football shirts off boys backs when young lads as small as 6 haven’t managed to change quick enough, left youngsters bleeding without calling for proper medical attention, verbally assaulted older children in the classroom humiliating them and ostracising them when they don’t understand, and even tried to pass to the buck when they simply can’t be bothered to mark exam coursework by blaming a child and asking them to withdraw from an external exam. Then I hear the government blaming the parents and wonder when will the blame game stop – when will people step up to the mark and take responsibility and when will they understand the truth and stop avoiding the other critical issues that influence child behaviour as much as any influences at home! Maybe then tomorrow’s children will have a chance!

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