The Value of Respect

Fundamental to the triage of values that the Reset Parenting revolves around is the value of Respect.  This small word nowadays has iconic meaning in terms of the slogans that are banded around but critically the simplicity of its true generic meaning is something that many struggle to come to terms with and has been cited as possibly the missing link in the fabric of society that underpins the current trends towards dysfunction.

So what exactly is Respect?  The dictionary definition defines the verb “Respect” as something to hold in esteem or honour, to show regards or consideration for, to refrain from intruding upon or interfering with or to relate or to relate or have reference to.  The amalgamation of these definitions somehow adds up well to explain the word itself but is respect simply a verb to be defined or is it more of an action or a lifestyle and how can this simple yet far-reaching value be instilled in the lives of our children and what place should it actually hold in youth culture today or indeed culture fullstop?

Essentially though, Respect is not something that can be defined or taught per se.  It is not a tangible substance that you can apply once or twice a day, or a magic wand that can be waved.  It is manner that is learnt, it is a standard that is flown and it is an intrinsic essence within those that play out its true meaning in their lives.  Respect is not something you can demand but is something that is earned and likewise instilling the value of respect in our children’s lives needs to be something that they experience and want to resultantly simulate, demonstrate and echo for if they are not treated with respect the question is raised as to how can they can possibly learn to respect others and indeed themselves.

Respect is a means of appreciating everything – it doesn’t request a subscription but an appreciation of the worth attached to the subject involved.  That worth does not need to be of monetary significance but more so of the deeper, intrinsic values that are connected.  To encourage such an appreciation children need role models.  They need parents and carers that demonstrate what it is to live life with a healthy regard for individuals, property or other subjects.  If they are appreciated, valued and respected the message that is received by the child is one that they will automatically want to echo.  If they see their parents, carers, teachers, ministers and adults around them respect and have a regard for others they will learn that to follow such a lead.  If they are spoken to with compassion, empathy and understanding they will respectfully speak in the same manner to others too.  Respect then is a two way process but primarily one that as parents we can help our children to foster!

Respect does not harbour arrogance, aggression, indifference and hatred.  It is a value that surpasses human discrimination, opinion and judgement but is a means to promote value, honour and regard, maybe not blindly but openly and honestly, and is a small 7 letter word that defines relationships, experiences and connections in the best sense of the word!



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