Becoming Adult!

Moving into adulthood is an exciting and exhilerating time for many teens. So many firsts and yet also so many lasts to wave goodbye to from childhood. The transition is made all the more easy though with the loving support of family and friends paving a pathway that honours autonomy with love and respect.

Today Reset’s Jenni is 18!!! This post is dedicated to her in the form of a letter taken from her mother’s diary kept over the last 18 years:

Dear Jenni

Wow! Where did those last 18 years go – those perfectly wonderful, sometimes tough, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes blessed, sometimes traumatic, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes exhausting, sometimes easy but always memorable and always fabulously fantastic 18 years go! In a flash you have grown from that little bean that kicked and pummelled in pregnancy and then kept us up all night, that we lovingly called “Jennibean” to the beautiful assured and radiant young lady that you are today and whilst I know, particularly in recent years we have had our share of stresses and strains your tenacity, love and endurance has shone through all the way.

Through everything your honesty, integrity and beautiful spirit have paved a pathway forward that has honoured the essence of kindness and love. Your resilience and resolve has brought you through the challenges and your tenderness and compassion has helped tie the bonds of unity which we have come to cherish in our family team especially in recent years. Your sponsorship of your brothers and your support for your friends and family has been unyielding and we have, we do and we will continue to love you with all our hearts unconditionally.

So Jenni as you go from here now into adulthood, I wish you faith, hope and courage.

* Faith to believe first in yourself – in your ability to achieve whatever you want to achieve, to be who you want to be, to trust wisely and to steer the course of your own destiny.

* Hope that will fuel your drive, that will help you overcome your struggles and give you a glimpse of tomorrow to spur you on with a smile in your eye and hope in your heart, and,

* Courage to never give up, to have the courage of your convictions, to see the glass half full and to remember that when the glass seems half empty to recollect what has gone before as a reminder of what you have done or have achieved to empower and enable you to do, achieve or be again.

But over everything, I wish you inspiration to be inspired to be you, pure and simple, unadulterated, content and satisfied with an enquiring mind, focus and determination, a radiant smile and a loving, open, honest and integral heart that will sing in harmony all the days of your life.

Enjoy your adult life. Walk free from a subscription to blame without judgement but with understanding. Always see the ‘can’ and never the ‘cannot’. Enjoy true autonomy. Do not shirk from the responsibilities that being an adult brings, respect where respect is due and love as though there is no tomorrow for each day brings its own sunrise and sunset with golden moments that should be treasured for ever.

All my love, Darling, for a wonderful journey from childhood into the adult world with love, respect and responsibility.

And above all sealed with a kiss and a hug

“Love you to the moon and back” …. forever and always

Mum xxx

Becoming an Adult

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