Helping your child deal with options post A Level Results Day

What is a dream?  What is your dream?  What is my dream?

A dream is something that we never give up on?  It is the utopian state that we aspire to – that we hope to become, to do, to achieve and by focussing on this state it provides the motivation and thus the determination to propel us forwards to realising it.  The key therefore to achieving our dreams is to use them as not only as a focal point to aim for but also as a catalyst or a force en route to propel forward.  The challenge comes when it becomes necessary to differentiate between the dream and the journey and how much these are intricately linked.  Is the dream the journey or is the dream at the end of the journey?  These are questions that need to be clearly answered at the outset – there are no right or wrong answers.

When challenges arise then it is easy to see whether we are truly following a pathway to our own dream.  If at the first hurdle we are happy to accept an alternative pathway because it is manifests in the same end result then the dream must be the destination.  If however, we refuse to accept that alternative and want to try and try again (and that is a realistic, truly realistic option) for the original pathway then the dream is either the journey itself or intrinsically linked to the journey.

Results Day yesterday brought tears of happiness as well as tears of sadness all over the country.  It also brought with it a rollercoaster of emotions for thousands of students who faced the journey into clearing or confusion as to whether to take second choice universities or to face deferring entry to university for a year and resit to possibly gain the higher grades they had hoped for.  As a parent, this is a time to put all the cards on the table, to seek advice and to help each individual truly look at what their dream is to that they can realise what they have achieved to date and what they might aspire to in the future based on the options now open to them and to map a way forward; to draw a line in the sand and take life on from here with enthusiasm and gusto – absolutely no small task if yesterday brought disappointment, but dreams do not have exclusive rights for those who get what they want first time in life!

A Level Results

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