Back to School: Where do the holidays go?

One week to go and the blogs and internet ads are pinging away with comments and content on how fed up everyone is, how much they quickly they want their children back to school, how empty their purses are and wishing away these glorious summer days.  I saw a blog on Friday about “Fed up Friday” reeling of the statistics of doom but in reality is this really what we believe or is it what we have been led to believe that we should believe from all the press, jibberjabber and other feedback that we receive from the constant diatribe that we are automatically subscribed to in this modern world of fast paced, action packed communications.

Here at Reset Parenting, we’re actually still content to while away another week, wishing that it would last forever, enjoying each other’s company, rising to the challenge of seeing how far we can literally stretch the pennies and just what amusement and entertainment another day has in store for us.  It’s always been the same!  Even when the children were tiny with four of them under five and nursery was closed for summer, there never seemed enough days to pack in the endless picnics, walks in the park, round up of feeding the ducks, craft activities, slides, swings, puddles splashing (give us credit we live in the UK so that means plenty of rain in the summer) and other plentiful free activities that didn’t put a strain on the purse strings.  Now it’s pretty much the same – we occasionally go out and enjoy an attraction or two if we can afford it but the best times are the times we spend together or with family and friends which cost absolutely nothing!

A recent holiday in Derbyshire, secured as a last minute deal for pittance from E-bay, cost next to nothing.  We don’t have endless cash by any means so everything is done on a shoestring but that doesn’t mean we cut corners when it comes to enjoying ourselves – it’s just that we’ve had to work out how to enjoy ourselves without spending a fortune.  We took our food for the first few days, made cakes and goodies before we went and stocked up on a few other “naughties” such as chocolate, fizz, sweets, olives, crisps etc, filled the car with the dog, board games, paints and cameras and headed for the hills leaving the modern age of internet and even mobile phone signal behind us.   A week later we emerged with our budget intact, money still in our pockets, happy, content, well rested and very well fed!  But overall, entertained, not “BORED” and not really wanting to go home.  It was great and the kids want to go back next year!

Other ventures during the summer holidays have involved the older kids taking the blow up rubber dingy boat with oars (approximately 40 years old at the last count) on a canal locally with a BBQ with some of their friends, picnics in a local beauty spot, the boys scaling a mountain while we sat watching at the bottom with an ice cream, probably a thousand or so photos taken in a family competition of who could take the weirdest and most wonderful, games of Articulate, Twister and Balderdash and plenty of time chillaxing with family and friends.

So where do the holidays go?  Or more realistically why do they have to go so quickly?  We’re looking forward to the challenges of the next year with eager anticipation but there will be a tear in each of our eye when next week comes after such a fun and fantastic summer.  Something’s are just so good you just don’t want them to ever end!!!!

Back to School

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