Nomilicious Chocolate Trifle

So you’ve had a busy day with the children and it’s time for a weekend treat.  These little delights take less than 10 minutes to make and cost (at current ASDA prices less than 29p each).

Chocolate Trifle

The good news too for any flailing chefs or reluctant cooks is that they are also just a simple construction job rather than requiring any culinary talent.  So how did we make them?


8 single chocolate mousse (sold in packs of 4 in Tesco and Asda in their value ranges)
1 packet of chocolate digestive biscuits (again we used value)
600 ml double cream (whipped to a semi sticky consistency – don’t beat until too stiff)


Very simply crush four biscuits into crumbs.  Put to one side.

Next for each pudding take one biscuit and break into chunks.  Place in the bottom of an individual bowl and sprinkle one teaspoon of the crumbed biscuits on top.

Next spoon out the contents of an individual chocolate mousse.  One mousse per pudding.  Gently flatten over the biscuits.

Finally take two dessert spoons of the whipped cream and spread very carefully over the top of the pudding so as to not disturb the mousse underneath.

Top with sprinkles if you want to decorate and either eat immediately or put in the fridge ready for dinner!


Happy children and very possibly happy adults as well!


Enjoy 🙂

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