Why is family time important?

We love spending time together as a family and yesterday did just that, taking the time out of our busy schedules to spend a few precious hours together, chillaxing under the bright blue English skies in a glorious location complete with BBQ and good company.

In recent years, we have treasured our time together from lockdowns when we shut the door and turn off the phone with a take away and good film, to the more raucous family game evenings full of fun and frivolity, to holidays together and then days, like yesterday, grabbing a BBQ or a picnic just simply to spend time together.  But why, have we made this such an integral part of our routine, and why is a good idea to set aside quality family time across the board?

We believe family time covers a number of bases.

It gives us time to be together.

In the busy world we live in, and more so now, as some members of our family live further away, taking the time out to spend a few hours together is critically important.  It continues to foster the ties that hold us together as a family unit and nurtures a commitment between us that is strong and mutually inclusive.  It provides a platform for fun and a gateway to be able to share at a deeper level than maybe we can during the busy-ness of the normal daily routine or on the phone.  It is more about the depth of our relationship as a family and by building on the depth, widens the span to keep our family team spirit alive and kicking and with it all the benefits that this brings.

It reinforces values and standards.

As a family we all subscribe to a variety of values and standards that are important for us individually but as a unit we have values and standards that we share and hold corporately and that are special to us.  Those values and standards are what define us and give us our creed for operating in the wider world.  They are like a plumb-line that we measure up against and by spending time together we reinforce the values we have chosen to subscribe to.

It promotes wellbeing.

Humans are social beings and we need time together as part of our biological, psychological and emotional inheritance.  That doesn’t detract from the need to also spend time following our own individual and unique pathways but family time cements the bond that intrinsically ties us to this heritage.  Spending time together builds up an innate security and stability and helps us prosper when we are apart.  It also strengthens the bonds of the family unit so that when times are tough we can fall back on each other.

It’s a good base for fun and relaxation.

There is nothing better than spending time with those you love; those who know you in and out and with those who don’t judge you but accept you because they have known you from your first breath to the waking moment that you now share.  It helps that we all get along but when we’re together we can deeply relax and simply enjoy the happy time in its abundance.

It is a platform of support.

Importantly fun, happiness and relaxation also go hand in hand with learning and consolidation.  Family time can also provide the ideal opportunity to talk through any issues, debate matters in a friendly and informal setting to work out this and that and in so doing generate the support that each member of the family may be in need of.


So if you have a family, particularly a young family, foster the bonds with them and work towards spending time together.  And if you don’t have family, cherish those who are around you and to whom you can turn to for support.  Family doesn’t always have to be those that share your genetic inheritance but the time you spend with your “family” ultimately in the world we live in today is so important because a close wholesome family unit can make all the difference.

Why is family so important

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