A little creed of friendship to share with our children

This deviates somewhat from our normal posts but we hope you like the sentiment all the same.  It is a creed that is at the heart of our friendships and one that we pray our children’s children will learn from and live to.

“Never be fooled by friendship – it’s very easy to distinguish who are our true friends. They are loyal, supportive and honest. They know who you truly are and where you’re truly at. They don’t work out of assumption and bias but out of love and understanding and most of all when they are far away the miles mean nothing because their friendship transcends distance. But most of all true friends are true because they touch your heart and you touch theirs.”


My oldest friend who drove across the country when I was in intensive care and who I will go to my grave calling my friend.  (Apologies for poor quality photo – it dates back to between 1978 and 1985)

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