Dads and Daughters

There is much written about the relationship that Dads and Daughters share implicit with information and advice on how to make the most of that relationship and how important it is in helping daughters become women who are strong and confident with a good self-esteem, image and healthy opinion of men.  This Father’s Day, therefore, we reflect on the ups of one father/daughter relationship that is very special to us personally.  Not only is this man a father but he is also a grandfather and has played a huge part in his granddaughter’s life stepping into the breach to help her develop into a confident, happy young lady.

The Best Things About Dad!

1.            He has loved unconditionally

2.            He has shown how to treat women

3.            He has protected without suffocating

4.            He has shown how life can be navigated, understanding how to take risks and
enjoy new adventures

5.            He has demonstrated integrity, honesty, responsibility and loyalty

6.            He has let some mistakes happen as part of the learning curve of life

7.            He has known when to stand back and when to step in

8.            He has encouraged peace and harmony

9.            He has taught us humour and how not to take oneself too seriously

10.          He has given us support and worth, warmth and love.

Dads and Daughters

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