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Back To School

Are you ready for the new school year? Preparing for the new academic year can be fun but for thousands of children going back to school is quite daunting for so many reasons.  For some it may be their first … Continue reading

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Pets: Why Pets Are Good For Children

We’ve always had animals at home.  From cats to dogs to hamsters to guinea pigs to rabbits to fish to chickens, you name them, they’ve all lived with us at some stage and in reality, despite the days, when mopping … Continue reading

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Bad Results? Moving Onwards and Upwards

This week thousands upon thousands of students in the UK have been receiving their AS and A Level results.  Next week the GCSE results will be out.  For many the grades received will access and promote their dreams and aspirations … Continue reading

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Hopes and Dreams: Why Do Children Need Them

Encouraging children to hope and dream is an essential part of helping them to forge a pathway to their future.  Having big dreams is all part of taking risks in life and as Confucius once said “If you shoot for … Continue reading

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