Hopes and Dreams: Why Do Children Need Them

Encouraging children to hope and dream is an essential part of helping them to forge a pathway to their future.  Having big dreams is all part of taking risks in life and as Confucius once said “If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it’s OK. But you’ve got to shoot for something. A lot of people don’t even shoot.”

Children need to dream.  They need to wish upon the star and idealise about their future and aim for a goal.  They might want to be the Prime Minister or a famous celebrity.  They might dream of being the head of a giant corporation, a prima ballerina, and astronaut or record breaking athlete but in going for their dreams they stand every chance of exceeding heights they might not otherwise have reached.  When the ceiling isn’t there who is to say where that ceiling should be.

Hopes, dreams, aims and goals all raise the bar.  Whatever term or descriptive value you give them, they give a child a focus that instills a determination and motivates intrinsically.  Tell a child that they need to be realistic and you cap the goalpost and temper dreams and you limit potential.  Even setting expectations can stifle progress where they only go so far and no further.

By embracing potential, albeit keeping feet on the floor whilst heads are free to dream in the clouds, the results can be spectacular.  Confidence can grow, self-esteem can flourish and behaviour can generally improve for the better across the board.  Results at school can increase too in other subjects where the lessons about focus and motivation are translated into other frameworks.  For instance, a child who is encouraged to follow their dream in one area, grows in confidence as they get better where they are strong and then are encouraged to take risks to improve in their weaker areas.  They become less inhibited and less confined by the “I can’t do it” syndrome and more likely to think that if they achieved in one area then maybe they can achieve in the other area too.

It is therefore critical that parents, carers, teachers and all those who have a responsibility to nurture children encourage them to dream and to foster these dreams.  They don’t need to be the best out there or amazing but just dedicated to following their dreams to the very best of their potential.

Reach for the stars,
Climb every mountain higher.
Reach for the stars,
Follow your heart’s desire,
Reach for the stars,
And when that rainbow’s shining over you,
That’s when your dreams will all come true

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