Nurturing The Musical Child

Why is music so important in some children’s life and why should it be encouraged?

If you have a musical child there is something very unique that cannot be ignored to help them succeed in life.  It is a small and yet vital fact that requires more than rhyme and reason but a complete understanding if they are to thrive and flourish.

The thing is music, for the musical child, is their life blood and their haemoglobin.  It is the haemoglobin that transports oxygen to the rest of the body.  Each molecule of oxygen delivers the packets of energy required for the cellular processes that fire up so many body functions and likewise music is one and the same.  To your musical child, their music is so intrinsic and integral to them, it must have a free flow of expression in their veins keeping the valves open.  If it is allowed to develop unimpeded it will nourish them across the board from their emotions, to their relationships to their academic pathways and much more.  It will be their oxygen – giving life and extending past the staves to nurture and replenish, revive and renew nearly every other aspect of their life.

If blocked and the expression stunted, a hypoxia will deprive the child of their latent prospects.  The valves will become locked closed and a full meaning and purpose will not resonate for that child. They will not be able to achieve across the board because that part of them will become like a haematoma.  They will become frustrated and apathetic and their true potential in life generally will not be realized. They will literally be starved of the source that fires their drive, the purpose and their focus.

But critically haemoglobin relies on a molecule of iron to bind to the oxygen molecules so that it can be transported around the body.  That iron, to the musical child, is the opportunities and openings that are provided.  The chances to develop fully, to express their musicality in an arena that supports and nurtures, that upholds and uplifts.  Parents, teachers, supporters and schools therefore all need to step up to the ferrous bars.  To do any less is an abuse on the musical child’s senses.

The reality of promoting a child’s latent musical talent can be higher grades at school, emotional integrity at home, social harmony in the outside world.  It is thus crucial to help the musical child and carry them through childhood opening the doors that keep the blood flowing in time and in tune with the very heartbeat of that child.  Then, and only then, will the pulse beat strongly and cohesively make the difference and that difference, undeniably, can be very far reaching!

The Musical Child

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