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Why Playing Games With Your Children is Good

If there’s one thing we love to do as a family, that is to play games.  From Monopoly to Cluedo to Balderdash, Scrabble and many more of the old favourites, board games and others have formed part of our family … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas with joy and blessings for a wonderful New Year.

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Well with Christmas around the corner, doubtless many children’s expectations will be running high.  They might hide the fact that they have expectations, but with the prepped Christmas lists, visits to Santa, talk about what they would like for Christmas … Continue reading

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The Gift of Free Will

Originally posted on Ginz&Tonic:
An evil witch crept up one day Upon a small dear boy To steal from him his treasured prize His gift, his skill, his toy She came with wart upon her nose With hat…

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Hold Fast To That Which Is Good – A Motto For Parents Of Teenagers

Today, my boy came back.  He’s been away for a few months and it was good to have the old him back home.  Well if I’m honest, the physical “he” never left but as a 14 year old, he’s been … Continue reading

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Punishment and Behaviour Modification

You know I just don’t get punishment!  To be honest with children it seems relatively ineffective or if not ineffective not always that long lasting which begs the questions how reasonable was it to use punishment in the first place.  … Continue reading

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