Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child


Spare the rod and spoil the child
So the saying goes
But that is not to say that you
Can beat your children so

Or chastise them inappropriately
Deprive them, knock about
Demean, bully, intimidate
Or constantly just shout

It doesn’t mean the naughty step
Is what they really need
Or to be locked up in a room
Until they then accede

It simply means that firm values
And standards should be taught
With love, respect, autonomy
Compassion and support

It means that patience should be there
To take the time to show
The children of tomorrow’s world
Just what is right to know

It means a rod to reel them in
As fish look to the bait
The bait – the message that will save
Them from the ways of hate!

So spare the rod and spoil the child
Be careful that you know
The kinder ways to teach…

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