Children and Loyalty

Why is loyalty important for children and is it an outdated maxim or something that we should be embracing in our parenting strategies nowadays?

Loyalty is more than a duty, it is wrapped up in consistency which imparts stability and predicated on reliability; some of the most important elements that underpin happy and successful lives however flexible or busy we are. Loyal friends are worth much more than their weight in gold because they are dependable and can always find the time for their friends, for their family, for their colleagues and the world in general. Whoever, wherever, whenever. And what’s more it’s vital in a world that has a tendency to bash and bruise, that loyalty extends past a benefaction to another but includes loyalty to self.

However, loyalty is often somewhat bypassed nowadays and children do not learn the value of being loyal at a young enough age, nor through their progression towards adulthood rendering them, without this vital attribute in their development.

Loyalty is best learnt by experiencing loyalty.  As a parent demonstrating loyalty to our children can make all the difference.  Being a loyal friend to those we come across or exhibiting loyal traits in other aspects of life are all part of showing our children what it is to be loyal.  Importantly too being loyal to ourselves and encouraging our children to be so too, all adds to a powerful witness of exactly how loyalty can make a difference through life.

Moreover loyalty is something that children not only need to experience but proactively need to be encouraged to practice.  Challenging mindsets that betray loyal traits, encouraging children to think how they would feel if someone responded in a certain way towards them, taking the time out to reason with them and to explain the whys and wherefores of loyalty in given situations all goes to helping children foster a loyal and balanced approach to life.  And then importantly, it is also vital to help children to differentiate where loyalty is appropriate and where it is not.  Bringing them up to be true to themselves will help them understand why it is important to be a loyal friend, a loyal parent, a loyal employee.

Spending time with children is the key to so many different aspects of their development.  Nurturing the good and not rewarding the not so good.  Loyalty is the same.  It isn’t the blind servant and shouldn’t be the slave to an outdated maxim that does just because it is bidden to do but more so a proactive determined response to a life choice that builds up rather than tears down.

The question is are your children going to be equipped to make that choice?

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