A Personal Review of The State Education System (not the teachers)

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the final full term of compulsory education in school for my children! They have all been very fortunate to have been taught by some marvellous teachers to whom I take my hat off. And no more so do I doff my cap to these people because of the ridiculous system in which they work. 
State education nowadays alienates kids, devalues parents and spits in the face of good teachers. It saddens me so much that the joy of learning has been sacrificed in a test-centric system. It breaks my heart that the power of becoming an independent learner has been slaughtered on the alter of a business based system that has introduced academies and super heads. It kills me to see tomorrow’s generation being processed as a statistic without regard for their own uniqueness.
To date my children have never once had a detention in school and will no doubt leave with stunning reports about their behaviour and progress and so I don’t say this because of anything they have or have not done nor with malice and bitterness but out of a centre of observation that has seen how many others this system has failed. It knocks the stuffing out of so many children and reduces them to their lowest common denominator over building them up to be strong, confident and worthy citizens of tomorrow.
Until we truly embrace an education system that celebrates human potential and exalts each individual’s gifts, there will continue to be parents out there like me that breathe a sigh of relief on their child’s last day in this system. Moreover the tragedy will also continue whereby children will leave confusing their dislike of the school system with dislike of education generally being anxious, stressed and rejecting the freedom and opportunities that lifelong learning brings.
Therefore if you have a child still being state-processed please help them learn to love their ability to learn. Help them cherish and respect the knowledge that is out there for them to attain. Work with them to understand their own true worth and potential. Instil in them joy – joy for even the smallest thing they learn and give them the understanding that even when they feel they have failed in the eyes of the state system, they are still on the first step to success.

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