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Are You Parenting Independent Adults?

Recently I was made to consider whether my children were turning into independent adults! It was an interesting question when contextualized in a framework of independence vs financial support, but independence isn’t just about money is it! And so I’ve … Continue reading

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Bad Results? Moving Onwards and Upwards

Originally posted on Reset Parenting:
This week thousands upon thousands of students in the UK have been receiving their AS and A Level results.  Next week the GCSE results will be out.  For many the grades received will access and…

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Exams: Parental Stress and Anxiety

Originally posted on Reset Parenting:
This week sees the start of the GCSE and AS exams amongst others in the UK and presumably world-wide students will be preparing for exams and feeling the pressure of these.  But as a parent…

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Restorative justice

I was asked recently what I thought about restorative justice. A lot one might say browsing through this blog and indeed, I could probably write an evidence based report on studies that have been done, but for a minute, I’m … Continue reading

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A Personal Review of The State Education System (not the teachers)

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the final full term of compulsory education in school for my children! They have all been very fortunate to have been taught by some marvellous teachers to whom I take my hat off. And no … Continue reading

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Parental Love

Originally posted on Ginz&Tonic:
(All you need to bring up a child) For all the facts and figures The books and the insights There’s only one thing that you need To bring your kids up right And that…

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Motivating The Unmotivated

I have a 15 year old son.  He doesn’t like school very much and he certainly doesn’t like giving up his time to revise for exams.  Sound familiar?  He’s obviously doing something right though because he got an excellent report … Continue reading

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