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Top ten things you need to know about divorce and children

So you’re getting divorced and children are involved.  How do you know what to do, where the pitfalls are or how to avoid disaster striking even in the most acrimonious of situations?  There are no guarantees that everything will turn … Continue reading

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Why Playing Games With Your Children is Good

If there’s one thing we love to do as a family, that is to play games.  From Monopoly to Cluedo to Balderdash, Scrabble and many more of the old favourites, board games and others have formed part of our family … Continue reading

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Hold Fast To That Which Is Good – A Motto For Parents Of Teenagers

Today, my boy came back.  He’s been away for a few months and it was good to have the old him back home.  Well if I’m honest, the physical “he” never left but as a 14 year old, he’s been … Continue reading

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Shared Child Care

My daughter is coming up 20. When I was her age, or maybe a little older, I was working at the BBC in London in the production departments with the Sports and Events teams.  Broadcasting was my love and a … Continue reading

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Fairies, Fairy Tale and Folklore – Good or Bad for Children?

We were reflecting the other day on the fairies that used to frequent our house when the children were little.  They have happy memories of Slumberbell (the night time fairy who would encourage the children to stay in their beds … Continue reading

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Pets: Why Pets Are Good For Children

We’ve always had animals at home.  From cats to dogs to hamsters to guinea pigs to rabbits to fish to chickens, you name them, they’ve all lived with us at some stage and in reality, despite the days, when mopping … Continue reading

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Dads and Daughters

There is much written about the relationship that Dads and Daughters share implicit with information and advice on how to make the most of that relationship and how important it is in helping daughters become women who are strong and … Continue reading

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