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Restorative justice

I was asked recently what I thought about restorative justice. A lot one might say browsing through this blog and indeed, I could probably write an evidence based report on studies that have been done, but for a minute, I’m … Continue reading

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Grit, Spit and A Whole Lot Of Duct Tape!

It seems to me that the Madagascar Penguins were onto something when they said this as the plane disintegrated about them but the bigger question is where is our grit, spit and duct tape in life and why on earth … Continue reading

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Traditional Discipline in School

So Mr Gove wants to bring back traditional discipline in schools, but what do you think?  Do you think there is a place for lines, litter picking, detentions?  Is it in fact the school’s place to discipline our children or … Continue reading

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Frost Free Parenting

Now if we’ve said it before we’ll say it again, the parameters of good parenting evolve around Love, Respect and Responsibility. These three vital ingredients need to be stalwart in any parenting of children at whatever age and as such … Continue reading

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Punishment and Behaviour Modification

You know I just don’t get punishment!  To be honest with children it seems relatively ineffective or if not ineffective not always that long lasting which begs the questions how reasonable was it to use punishment in the first place.  … Continue reading

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Carrot and Stick

Yesterday I read the story of a child who against the odds worked his way through the school system from a lad in primary school that misbehaved and was always in trouble in the bottom sets, failing academically, struggling to … Continue reading

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London Riots – Children and Behaviour

Recently the report on the London riots has been released highlighting a range of problems that contributed to the devastation last summer.  In particular parenting has been brought into the frame along with the need for more support and opportunities … Continue reading

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