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Post 16 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Based on recent observations contemporary students appear to be more inadequately prepared for life outside the classroom than ever before.  Having been enticed through the education system with a plethora of sweeteners incentivizing their participation in the learning experience there … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Music In Child Development

Music is everywhere!  It plays over the radio, backtracks to television programmes, is piped in shops, restaurants, surgeries, resonates through us, in us, about us.  Day in day out music is a huge part of our life, affecting our moods … Continue reading

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Punishment and Behaviour Modification

You know I just don’t get punishment!  To be honest with children it seems relatively ineffective or if not ineffective not always that long lasting which begs the questions how reasonable was it to use punishment in the first place.  … Continue reading

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Mastery without Control: Encouraging Independent Children

Parenting is often misconstrued by the many as being a control mechanism in life whereby an adult exerts control over their young, instructing, directing and disciplining their children through their early years of infancy, childhood, adolescence and into their young … Continue reading

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