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Say No To Shame and Humiliation

Recently it came to my attention that a teacher in a local school was using a white board to name and shame students.  She called it her numpty board; numpty according to dictionary.com meaning “stupid person”.  Across the internet also, we sometimes … Continue reading

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Emotional Availability: What is it and Why is it important?

Are you available for your children? Most of us would probably say yes, but are we really available for them in our busy everyday lives where stress abounds, deadlines press and the clock seems to tick away faster than ever … Continue reading

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Embracing the Truth of ‘Home’ Education And Why It Is Vital For Positive Outcomes

“Young people were born free; soon they may be everywhere in chains” (Tim Hands, Head of Magdalen College School) Taking the responsibility for educating our own children has never been more important than now!  And by education, I don’t refer … Continue reading

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Nurturing The Musical Child

Why is music so important in some children’s life and why should it be encouraged? If you have a musical child there is something very unique that cannot be ignored to help them succeed in life.  It is a small … Continue reading

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I Love You Just Not Your Behaviour!

Teenagers and Apologies Consider the situation – a noisy classroom, a stressed teacher and an exercise that needs considerable 1:1 between one student and the teacher leaving the others unsupervised for a large part of the lesson!  It doesn’t take … Continue reading

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Fostering Independence in Children

I remember clearly the moment I gave birth to my daughter and it occurred to me that parenting was going to be about letting go.  It was going to be a journey that my daughter and I would take together … Continue reading

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Resilience: Why Do Children Need It?

If there’s one thing we all know, that is that life is full of hard knocks!  It can throw curved balls at a great distance; some we see approaching and some we have no idea are on their way until … Continue reading

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