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Are You Parenting Independent Adults?

Recently I was made to consider whether my children were turning into independent adults! It was an interesting question when contextualized in a framework of independence vs financial support, but independence isn’t just about money is it! And so I’ve … Continue reading

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A Personal Review of The State Education System (not the teachers)

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the final full term of compulsory education in school for my children! They have all been very fortunate to have been taught by some marvellous teachers to whom I take my hat off. And no … Continue reading

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Grit, Spit and A Whole Lot Of Duct Tape!

It seems to me that the Madagascar Penguins were onto something when they said this as the plane disintegrated about them but the bigger question is where is our grit, spit and duct tape in life and why on earth … Continue reading

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Children and Loyalty

Why is loyalty important for children and is it an outdated maxim or something that we should be embracing in our parenting strategies nowadays? Loyalty is more than a duty, it is wrapped up in consistency which imparts stability and … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Music In Child Development

Music is everywhere!  It plays over the radio, backtracks to television programmes, is piped in shops, restaurants, surgeries, resonates through us, in us, about us.  Day in day out music is a huge part of our life, affecting our moods … Continue reading

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Kindness Begets Kindness

There is an old English proverb that says “Kindness begets kindness” and it is no truer than when applied to parenting.  Children brought up with kindness will exhibit the same in their own lives, be more empathetic and compassionate but … Continue reading

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Why Do Children Need Unconditional Love?

Children need unconditional love.  They need it from before their first breath and throughout their childhood, adolescence and beyond.  They need to be brought up in an environment that accepts them completely and without restrictions or stipulations.  Without unconditional love, … Continue reading

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