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A Personal Review of The State Education System (not the teachers)

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the final full term of compulsory education in school for my children! They have all been very fortunate to have been taught by some marvellous teachers to whom I take my hat off. And no … Continue reading

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How to Help Your Child Prosper

TARGETS, PROGRESS GRADES AND THE STATISTIC ‘STIFLERS‘! Today my son’s progress grades and targets came home and with it a two page letter explaining what all the digits mean.  Now as a family we don’t really buy into all this … Continue reading

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Emotional Intelligence and Education

Why concentrating on our children’s emotional intelligence is important for their education Traditionally, educators have focussed on the provision of sound academia in education delivering programmes to students that will raise academic standards in schools.  The three “r’s” in the … Continue reading

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LEARNING – Using the LEARN model to help children get on with homework and school work

When it comes to sitting down and learning, many children get unstuck just the same way that many adults do.  There’s always a hundred other things they would rather be doing and for sure they can come up with fifty … Continue reading

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