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Motivating The Unmotivated

I have a 15 year old son.  He doesn’t like school very much and he certainly doesn’t like giving up his time to revise for exams.  Sound familiar?  He’s obviously doing something right though because he got an excellent report … Continue reading

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Grit, Spit and A Whole Lot Of Duct Tape!

It seems to me that the Madagascar Penguins were onto something when they said this as the plane disintegrated about them but the bigger question is where is our grit, spit and duct tape in life and why on earth … Continue reading

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Dream The (Im)possible Dream

Nurturing The Visionary In Your Child Recently I overheard someone being accused of being “idealistic – all full of vision but not in the real world”.  It was something that stuck in my mind – no more so than the … Continue reading

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Hopes and Dreams: Why Do Children Need Them

Encouraging children to hope and dream is an essential part of helping them to forge a pathway to their future.  Having big dreams is all part of taking risks in life and as Confucius once said “If you shoot for … Continue reading

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Children love rewards.  They will do almost anything for their favourite treat, a trip to see someone or something that they yearn to see, sweets, money, PC games, new toys; you name it and if your child wants it, they … Continue reading

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Little Gems: Saturday, 18th May, 2013

Climbing the steepest, most uneven steps, in lifeoften result in the greatest rewards Advertisements

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Back to School: Time Management

Schools have been back for a few days now and slowly the weight of the term time regime is starting to be felt once again in terms of time management and fitting everything in.  Homework is being set, clubs and … Continue reading

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