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Say No To Shame and Humiliation

Recently it came to my attention that a teacher in a local school was using a white board to name and shame students.  She called it her numpty board; numpty according to dictionary.com meaning “stupid person”.  Across the internet also, we sometimes … Continue reading

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Reading Superheros

Help Your Child To Foster A Love of Reading Reading!  That little thing that we do every single day almost unknowingly but the one thing that children in the 21st century world, we are told, are doing less and less … Continue reading

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Why Do Children Need Unconditional Love?

Children need unconditional love.  They need it from before their first breath and throughout their childhood, adolescence and beyond.  They need to be brought up in an environment that accepts them completely and without restrictions or stipulations.  Without unconditional love, … Continue reading

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Coping With The Struggles In A Tough World

Children today are under more pressure than ever before begging the question how long will it be before the balloon pops? In today’s society image and expectation are amongst the two biggest curses placed on children as they fight to … Continue reading

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In today’s newspaper, discussions avail over the absence of Tory women in the Cabinet.  But is this breaking news or a case of old habits die hard?  Is it acceptable or is it cause for concern?  Debate rages in the … Continue reading

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Why Playing Games With Your Children is Good

If there’s one thing we love to do as a family, that is to play games.  From Monopoly to Cluedo to Balderdash, Scrabble and many more of the old favourites, board games and others have formed part of our family … Continue reading

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Well with Christmas around the corner, doubtless many children’s expectations will be running high.  They might hide the fact that they have expectations, but with the prepped Christmas lists, visits to Santa, talk about what they would like for Christmas … Continue reading

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